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Summer Survival Kit 2018

Posted on June 24 2018


Summer Survival Kit 2018 - Mirza Swim

With summer just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what do I need?! What color?! Is that in style? Ugh I have to do laundry…

Well we’re here to make it easy for you. We want you to look your best so we narrowed down five essentials you can grab right off our site to have a sexy stylish summer!

1. Loving Tan Deluxe Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream Dark

Having a nice natural glow is imperative when you’re out and about and going tanning isn’t always the best for your skin or your wallet. This Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer will instantly leave you looking shimmery golden and you won’t have to melt in the sun to do it. It washes off in case you need to tone down the shimmer at work. In addition, there are no parabens or ethanol so it's safe to use when ever you need some color in your life! 

(OPTIONAL) Throwing in an applicator mitt is a great idea but not necessary. 

Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt creates a barrier for your hands protecting them from staining. Self Tanning has never been easier.

2. Honey Bee Swim Bottom Bay Lavender Bikini

During the dog days of summer you’re gonna need a bathing suit to give you life. This Honey Bee Swim Suit is sexy with a modern touch. Beautiful Lavender is the color that will dominate the whole summer season. This suit will compliment your bronzey skin tone and you’ll never want to take it off. 

3. PilyQ Posh Riviera Poncho

So you’re styling and profiling in your sexy honey bee suit. The suns going down and you’re feeling the breeze more than you’d like to, that’s when you throw this sleek PilyQ Posh Rivera cover up on. It has stylish fringe detailing, it’s comfy and black so it goes with anything. This piece is a must throughout the summer!

4. Quay Australia Iconic - Gold w/ Purple Mirror

These shades are iconic and they’ll match your bathing suit perfectly ;-) Quay Australia Iconic aviators are always a good luck and the mesh accent is such a glamorous touch. The gold metal keeps you classy and the oversized reflective lenses keep your eyes protected.

5. Hello Hair (Vegan friendly, no animal testing)

Okay so your hair is brittle and washed out because of all that sun, plus you're you’ve been dipping into the pool to stay cool. Hello Hair has the most amazing rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner to help fix your problem, and it’s all natural! Packed with nourishing oils and botanical extracts to hydrate all hair types, Hello Hair will keep your tresses healthy all summer long. It’s safe for color or chemically treated hair so use the blonde shampoo and conditioner to enhance your highlights and make them shine!

6. Wander Wet Bags - Eos- Champagne Gold Bag

Finally a bag that’s cute and can hold all the goodness you’ll need this summer. It’s gold to match your sunnies and your gold crown, Queen. Store all your belongings in this water proof, food-safe grade PUL interior lined Eos bag from Wander Wet Bags. Your phone and other essentials will be safe, dry, and sand free. Once you’re done swimming feel free to switch everything out and throw that wet swim suit right in there. Nothing gets better than this multi-use wonderful bag to top off your summer!


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