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Brand Feature: Wander Wet Bags (Eco-friendly)

Posted on May 14 2018

Wander Wet Bags is the cutest and driest way to travel with a wet swim suit. Summer is just around the corner and having the perfect eco-friendly accessories is necessary.

You’re on vacation, check out is at 11am, and you really don’t want it to be over. On the upside, you still have three hours of pool time! You don’t want to travel with a wet swim suit though, so what do you do? Not enjoy that last bit of sun? Of course not, you’ve got a stylish “Wander Wet Bag” to use. This bag is also great for keeping your cell or any other electronics in, to prevent them from getting wet at the beach/pool. 

Creator, Eileen, finds it very important to put people over profits and create beautiful, hand-crafted products here in the United States of America. Make sure your equipped with a stylish “Wander Wet Bag” soon, because life is too short for ugly plastic bags. 

Shop Wander Wet Bags at Mirza Swim.


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