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Music Festival Season Survival Kit: Top 5 Picks for 2017

Posted on April 01 2017

Music Festival Survival Guide_Coachella

Festival season is just around the corner and although what you wear is extremely crucial for all the fashionistas out there, what you bring may be just as important. Whether you’re hitting Coachella this year or planning to become nocturnal for EDC, here are five items you should consider bringing when attending a music festival.

1. Water Pack

One of the most important things to remember to bring is water. It’s extremely important to keep hydrated and most festivals have free water refilling stations all over the grounds. With a water pack, you’ll be able to hold more water and place it in whatever cute backpack you have and call it a day! Get one here.

2. Portable Charger

This is honestly a no brainer but it needs to be said! Bringing a portable charger is a must have since festivals lasts all day long and your phone’s battery is going to drain out quick due to the endless pictures, snaps, and videos you’ll take. Here’s a link for a solar panel charger if you need that extra juice.

3. Comfy Shoes

This might be the hardest essential for most girls out there. Because you’ll be walking around all day whenever you’re at a festival, it’s crucial to wear comfy shoes so your platform boots may have to stay in the closet for these three or so days. If you absolutely can’t trade your boots for some sneakers, try sticking to shoes with heels less than 2 inches and get some insoles!

4. Bandana

Depending on what festival you’re going to, beware of the fact that it might be dust storm central at the grounds. Bandanas can be a cute accessory along with helping you keep the dust away from your nose and mouth! Get some here. Another option is a reusable printed face mask.

5. Sunblock

Sun protection is key at most music festivals, especially on those warm sunny days in the summer time. Sun burns are not fun! Look for at least an SPF of 15 to 30 and use natural ingredients like zinc oxide. We prefer a spray for easy to use touch ups through out the day, but cream ones work as well!  

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